Gtechniq Marine Certified Installer

Protect your investment! We are certified Gtechniq installers.

What does it mean to be a certified Gtechniq installer?

To be a Gtechniq Marine Certified Installer means the detailing company has:

1) undergone a multi-day training class that teaches the proper theories of boat detailing and surface correction

2) has exhibited an understanding of business operations, business development, customer service and management, and sustainability

3) has an established background with multiple years of being in business and established in their community

4) understands the purpose of Gtechniq Marine products, the operations of the company, how the products complement each other, how to properly use/install the products, and how to ensure the customer receives the full benefit our products offer.

Your boat is an investment and Gtechniq Marine strives to protect and clean all surfaces to maintain a pristine appearance. Gtechniq Marine utilizes science and technology to develop top of the line products for anti-staining, surface protection and cleaning.

We work with ceramic coatings, sealants, wash, Decon, and polish.

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