Whisper Wall

Whisper Walls upholstered walls and ceilings are extremely designer friendly, light-weight and easy to keep clean.  Whisper Wall systems allow the boat owner to see curves, forms, decorative reveals and or three-dimensional surfaces with excellent fit and finish.  Bow2Stern is Seattle’s Whisper Wall specialists with seasoned staff and high quality craftsmanship in custom Whisper Wall Installations.

Whisper Wall

Whisper Wall Customization & Installation

Whisper Walls and headliner systems have become the standard of excellence for the installation of fabric as an architectural finish. Our unique product is used by leading yacht manufacturers around the world.

The Whisper Walls systems is composed of three components: A stretching system, an optional acoustical core, and a textile of choice. Because of the unique Whisper Walls system, the designer is free to mold, shape, curve, and delineate surfaces while meeting the demands of builders and their clients.

Systems Advantages

  • Cost effective
  • Site fabricated
  • Ease of installation
  • Ability to conform to all curves and shapes
  • Reduction of weight over traditional systems
  • Durable-system withstands demands of high seas
  • Easy refurbishment over existing headliner systems
  • System allows for easy removal and replacement of fabrics while at sea or drydock


Bow2Stern is the Pacific Northwest Whisper Wall Experts!